Acupuncture Synergy Health

"Your body is your teacher, learn to listen to what it is trying to tell you"

Welcome to Acupuncture Synergy Health  located in Gordon, on Sydney’s North Shore. 

The clinic has been providing a comprehensive range of Traditional East Asian Medicine treatments, including acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1997. During that time the clinic has developed into a reliable, comprehensive and effective treatment facility for patients seeking quality care and professional service.

Treatments and Services Available

Your health care is our complete focus and at Acupuncture Synergy Health we will provide you with the most effective treatment plan available in order to bring you back to optimum health. 

The clinic was established in 1997, by Warren Wilson, a Doctor of Traditional East Asian Medicine, who provides a multi-discipline, holistic approach to patient care incorporating the varied modalities of Traditional East Asian Medicine.

Traditional East Asian Medicine incorporates the healing traditions of China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other regional cultures. Each of these cultures have their own regional variations of healing and these rich traditions are brought together under the umbrella of Traditional East Asian Medicine.

The modalities used in this clinic include acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi gong (chi kung),exercise therapy, diet therapy and meditation. 

Treatments at Acupuncture Synergy Health include a detailed diagnosis based on Classical Chinese Medical techniques and strategies. (pulse, tongue and energy channel palpation) 

An explanation of your condition will be provided to you in terms you will be able to fully understand and practical guidance back to optimum health and balance is always part of the treatment and healing process

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Private health insurance rebates are available from your provider after a treatment session in the clinic. You may like to contact your specific health fund provider to see what treatments you are covered for. 

Acupuncture Synergy Health is open from Monday to Saturday (closed Wednedsays), 8am to 7pm by appointment only.

Please phone: Acupuncture Synergy Health, on Sydney's North Shore, to make your appointment or for information regarding your condition. (02) 9499-4794